About Us


We believe in

giving freedom and power to the people, and for better

serving the everyday person.


How do we help you?

Shindig bridges those who want to be found with those who want to find them.

Who's behind Shindig?




Hey! I'm Ferdi and I'm the creator of Shindig. I hope our platform helps you out!
I'm a 23 year old multimedia freelancer and business owner based in Melbourne.

As I started working for myself I quickly realised how difficult it was to receive work, even when I:
- had my own website
- was on Google
- had a Facebook page and
- word of mouth was building

I felt like I deserved more work...
I knew there had to be strong, well designed bridge between local services and the everyday people looking for them!

So that's when I created Shindig 🎉


Eric Stein

Cheif US Partner